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"To be able to sculpt and feel a texture, whether it be fur, scales, rock or bark as it rises from a blank piece of paper is the essential joy of using pencil as a medium."

Welcome to the Pencil Art of Vincent Reid

Born in 1970 and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, I have always been a close observer of the outdoors and every bit of spare time I had was spent in the hills or along the rivers of the family farm. In Zimbabwe in the 80’s, there was very little available when it came to art materials as it was a semi communist state at the time. As a result, my high school art department had no art materials to speak of. Hence I started working in pencil, doing portraits and wildlife drawings for my friends.
After completing my schooling in Harare I studied interior design and worked for 18 years in the exhibition and events industry as a designer / business owner and during this time I focused almost entirely on computer aided design as a creative outlet and later whilst becoming caught up in the management and growing of my company, creative expression had to take a back seat. Having grown disillusioned and unfulfilled in this line of work I made a life changing decision in 2011 to pursue a full-time art career. My desire was to shake off the yoke of mediocrity which was prevalent in the trade show design industry and focus on developing my own most basic creative ability, drawing. My family and I relocated to the country town of Howick in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands of South Africa so that I could pursue art as a career in a more peaceful, rural and creative environment.
Pencil is my medium of choice because it is an extremely direct medium which satisfies my desire to express the deep contrasts and textures of my subjects. I aim to capture those moments which represent the essence of the African outdoor experience. I am inspired by the textures of nature and graphite allows me to incrementally and sometimes painstakingly carve those textures out of my paper. Each piece is a representation of my own personal experience and I will always endeavour to experience everything that I draw.


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